Bubu1.eu Services

None of the services below currently have public signup enabled. If you want an account somewhere and I know you, feel free to contact me.

  • There's an email server, the config can be found here
  • There's a Nextcloud instance at cloud.bubu1.eu including a webmail interface which can be used for the email server above.
    The Nextcloud includes an online office suite, a videocall and chat app, calendar and contcat synchronization and more.
  • I run an F-Droid repository mirror here: https://bubu1.eu/fdroid. Feel free to use it for any F-Droid clients you have.
    If you want to run your own mirror you can open an issue in the F-Droid admin tracker.
  • I run a Matrix server (synapse) at bubu1.eu/matrix.bubu1.eu.
  • There's a Gotify instance at gotify.bubu1.eu. I currently have no use for it, which means it might stop existing in the furture.